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Welcome to Tracy's Karate of Wooster
135 N. Market St. Wooster, OH 44691
Tel: 330-345-8227

Tracy's Karate is the oldest and most established Martial Arts studio in the Wooster area. Tracy's Karate studio have provided the highest quality and most professional Martial Arts instruction in the midwest since 1969.

At Tracy's Karate, we are committed to the success of each student. We recognize that every student has his or her own learning style, goals, and strengths. It is our mission to help each student achieve his or her goals to attain the highest possible level of success.

What Separates Us From All the Rest Are

Every student at Tracy's Karate has their own instructor with one-on-one private instructions

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Little Dragons
(4-8 years old)

Little Dragons is an introduction to martial arts, targeted to children ages 4 - 8 years old.  In conjunction with teaching basic martial arts techniques such as basic striking and blocking techniques, we also teach life and safety skills, discipline and respect

Little Ninjas
(9-12 years old)

Little Ninjas teaches fundamentals of Karate, including kicking, punching, and blocking techniques. Important features of this program are practical self-defense techniques, physical fitness, learning respectful behavior, awareness and focus, goal setting and achievement, and many others.

(13-17 years old)

Teen Karate classes, for ages 13-17, emphasize a positive atmosphere in which to gain all the benefits of martial arts including Reduce Stress, Build Confidence, Improve Focus, Strengthen Self-discipline, Achieve Goals, Make Friends and get in Great Shape. The movements of karate develop coordination and increase strength and flexibility. 

Karate is a self-paced activity whereby you work with your fellow students and the Staff Members in a supportive environment. Some of the best friends you’ll ever meet might be from your Teen Karate Classes.

(18+ years old)

Our Adult martial arts students usually start with no previous experience and are seeking to obtain various things like exercise, stress relief, learning self defense or gaining self confidence. For over 35 years we have helped thousands of men and woman to achieve their personal goals in an atmosphere that is welcoming and motivating.

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